T.A.Z. 5.4

Title T.A.Z. 5.4
Year 2001 – 2005
Location London
Brief Data-driven environment and forms.
Notes Projection used in “Columbia – The Capsule” music opera. Also see “T.A.Z. Experiment” installation.

The T.A.Z. video projection construct was the culmination of a series of investigations into the nature of data-driven morphing virtual-environments. It is the virtual manifestation of the London installation without the barriers of physical materials. It was later integrated into a projection video for “Columbia – The Capsule”, a music opera commissioned by the Battersea Arts Centre and directed by Julia Holander in 2005.

The animation is a continuous self-driven virtual environment reacting and growing according to its own rules. It consists of groups of four structures morphing into different data-driven states. Underneath these structures lies a subway system of data-tubes and data-globes. These carry the real-world statistical figures that control the morphing and displacement of the TAZ forms. It is in essence a social-migratory virtual dance driven by French immigration statistics and left to evolve and create its own relationships.